A Love Letter

Dear Croatia,

Thank you for your graciously welcoming weekend, almost a year ago… Your bright blue skies, shiny sun rays, and diamond-clear waters made it impossible to forget you. Thank you for giving me new hopes and a new hunger for the world. Living in a single city sometimes can make people see only dark, ugly sides of the world, but traveling and actually being there, can make one see this Earth in a much different light.

And you were definitely part of that. The 12 hour bus ride there and back was worth all of the back pains and sleepless seconds. Something about your slippery white stone streets, and the ocean breeze make you very attractive. That one weekend of love and passion with you has never slipped my mind. I hope you know that I will never forget you and that I plan on coming back for more.

So thank you again, for making me believe in life, love, and beauty- but not physical beauty. The kind of beauty that can only be found from within, that was found in your culture and in your atmosphere.

Love, Julia.


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