Summertime Sadness

I sit in this International Politics class, wearing a heavy sweater. There is currently a snow storm happening outside, and it is about 30 degrees.

A sudden burst of the southern Italian summer breeze passes by me and I cannot help but daydream about my time in the Amalfi Coast almost exactly a year ago… Where has time gone? I feel like I was just standing on the golden grounds of Positano, taking pictures of the five-pound lemons, the size of my face.

The water, crystal clear like a dream, I had never seen anything like that. Capri was truly mesmerizing. That day, I remember it exactly, I was not feeling well but decided to still join the tour group around the city of Capri… Little did I know that was all I needed to feel well again. The waters were so turquoise blue (my favorite!!), and clear that you could see small fish swimming by; the life under that ocean I was standing next to seemed so immense, I felt small compared to the beauty of nature.

Lunch time could not have been more perfect, we sat by the ocean, and I ordered fresh salmon nhoqui. If you don’t know what that is, you have to try it out! They are these small hand-rolled potato almost- dumplings that can be paired with any sauce. I am not lying when I say that was the best salmon and nhoqui I have ever had. And I’ve had too much nhoqui in my life for a 22 year-old. (My mom used to make it on the 29th of every month because it is a tradition in Brazil to put a money bill under your plate as you eat it to bring you luck) Did I mention the creamy sauce?? I don’t know how this was made, I am pretty sure some type of alcohol was involved (as with most Italian dishes…), but it was the most perfect pairing to go with the nhoqui and fish.

As I ate this amazing meal, heard the ocean sparkle and the smell of fresh salt water entered my nostrils, while the warm sunlight was kissing my skin, I couldn’t help but take it all in and think this was the most perfect day I have ever experienced. It didn’t matter that I was feeling sick before, that my family wasn’t there with me (although that would have made it even more perfect,) but my own company on a day like this in Capri made me realize I had never been more glad to be born into this Earth.


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