Just Another bite…

So you know those meals that when you take that first bite, your entire mouth feels like there are mini fireworks going off?? Suddenly, you have a mini Niagara Falls inside of you bursting with flavor, texture, and love? This was how my graduation meal had felt like.

Yes, I graduated. Congrats to me. “Yay to real life” they say. I have barely experienced life post college yet, and I don’t know what’s waiting ahead for me. What I do know, however, is that I wish I could freeze this moment in time and go back to it whenever I wanted. I had heard about Cafe Mantic many times before. Everyone told me I had to try it and how perfect it was to go on a date or for a special occasion. Previously a local cafe, Cafe Mantic was revamped into a 5-star restaurant that looks and feels like it belongs on the corner of trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After it received a New York Times review, suddenly the restaurant started booming with customers, some of which came from miles away just to try it. And no kidding! This place is worth every mile driven. I, personally live about one hour and a half away but I am already planning to go back and try it again.

That night, we started with their homemade hummus and pita chips, their freshly made ricotta and their bread. Oh and let’s not forget the beautiful Chardonney that the server suggested. These were all such classic and beautiful choices but that were clearly made with love. I am getting hungry just thinking about it. I tried their new special, the lobster carbonara. I am so so sorry I don’t have pictures of these. This was maybe the best pasta carbonara I have ever had! This was also my first time having lobster and I will never let that pass. I wish I had tried lobster earlier. With the fresh egg noodles and creamy carbonara sauce, however, the lobster became a rockstar.

And finally, as pictured above, we ordered the passion fruit creme brûlée with a dark chocolate base and the chocolate truffles. Oh my lord! This was maybe the best ending to the best night. After dinner we took a look around and the place even has a back patio where they serve meals at special occasions during the summer where anyone is welcome. The little Christmas lights, smooth music, and the bliss of that evening could not have topped off the night in a better way. This day made me feel so blessed and so alive. Truly, the perfect ending to the best four years of my life!


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