My First Recipe Creation!

I had a few very ripe bananas sitting on my counter for a while now. On Monday I looked at them as they sadly looked back at me. It was like they were yelling to me, “save us!” I had so many other responsibilities awaiting, but I felt guilty walking away from the dying bananas… So what else do you make with overly ripe bananas other than banana bread?


Yep, I made that. And it was absolutely amazing. It was gone in two days.

Check it out:

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It was like I suddenly had a jolt of ideas and started caramelizing the bananas. My whole house smelled like brown sugar and butter melting and bubbling to perfection. The best part about this cake is that it does not take any oil, but instead, apple sauce. It turned out fluffy, moist, caramel-y, and the perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar to give life some meaning during these upcoming cold days.

Seriously thinking of starting a business of some sort… Cupcakes, cookies, cakes (wedding and party cakes), muffins, desserts, Brazilian desserts…you name it! Thoughts?


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